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Mortgage Clarity is an industry wide PSD (Product Sales Data) Aggregator which allows unparalleled insight into your company's performance against 96% of the UK Mortgage Market constituted by UK Finance member organisations.

Using either simple visual dashboards or a more advanced statistical analysis tool users of Mortgage Clarity are able to conduct a wealth of statistical analysis into their latest corporate performance. Everything from interrogating your highest value intermediary sales channels through to benchmarking your own average LTV rates by region can be conducted in a simple, visually accessible manner.

To gain an understanding of the areas in which we hold up-to-date industry data, please take a look at the product components. This will show you how you can shape your own sales and operations strategies to maximise your market advantage:-

A. The RMS and Applications Data

This aggregated data forms the cornerstone of Mortgage Clarity allowing UK Finance Members to benchmark their mortgage transactions against the wider regulated mortgage market, using nearly 40 distinct attributes for each mortgage:

Data img

As a core component of Mortgage Clarity, the RMS data, and the matching Applications data, provides the most complete and granular information available on the UK mortgage market. RMS data is available at a national or local level depending on the footprint of each UK Finance Member. Applications data is available right down to broker outlet level for brokers that book sales against each of their outlets.

B. Your Data v's the Market

Mortgage Clarity can be tailored and configured to include relevant internal information for each UK Finance Member, be it details of your broker sales structure, branch locations and catchment areas, additional products held by customers, or other demographic or third party data. By joining the various information sources we can provide a Single Customer View and Single Intermediary View that gives you unique insight into your channels to market and your product distribution strategy.

C. Matrix Financial Intermediary Database (MFID)

We've been researching and compiling the MFID since the company started in 1985. It’s now widely regarded as the industry standard for IFA and mortgage broker information. It contains contact, email and demographic information for over 60,000 FCA-registered IFAs and mortgage brokers in the United Kingdom and is now updated every week using eight separate sources of information including our dedicated research call centre in Berkshire.

Our database is used by over 100 market participants and is the industry leader for depth and breadth on the intermediary and broker market.

We append the specific broker intelligence to each intermediated transaction from the RMS data, which effectively creates a fully transparent universe of intermediary mortgage sales representing over 96% of regulated lending.

For the first time, UK Finance Members will be able to see exactly who is selling their products, how to contact them and how this relates to their own sales, marketing and distribution structures.

In addition, for UK Finance members that have a broker sales strategy, the MFID provides an invaluable resource and an added dimension to Mortgage Clarity.